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Staying Healthy While Traveling

Medical Recommendations

Whether going sightseeing in Cambodia, on a cruise to the Caribbean or trekking in the Himalayas... staying healthy is most important of all.

Before leaving take precautions and set up a consultation for personalized, destination specific medical recommendations and practical advice even starting with the airplane.

Dr. Marvin Cooper is a leading provider of advice and preventative treatment for healthy travel. His extensive experience in assessing traveler needs to all global regions offers one-stop information and pre-travel medical care for comfortable and healthy travel world wide. His thirty years of experience in the field of travel medicine, his own vast travel experience, and academic research make his services unique in this field.
His specialized clinical services provide all your medical travel needs – vaccinations, information about health alerts and special precautions to certain destinations, recommendations for disease prevention while traveling, as well as resources for accessing emergency healthcare in remote locations.

Dr. Cooper is well known for his diagnosis of rare travel related diseases. The personalized recommendations taking into consideration the individual's health profile assures the traveler of having a problem-free journey.